“I am on vacation just like everyone else.”

Many of our travelers work throughout the year to pay for their vacations. Some of our travelers are competitively employed, others work in agency run workshops, and others have help from family and friends. No matter how they pay, our travelers proudly pick their destination from our Rates and Dates brochure and enjoy a safe, supervised trip with The Guided Tour. Many of our travelers make lifelong friends with other travelers they meet on trips. Since The Guided Tour officially began in 1972, there have been over 20 marriages between friends who have met on our unique vacations.

Once our travelers arrive home, many of their parents or staff members are moved to express to us how much their individual enjoyed their trip! The following is a small collection of the many letters we have received in recent years.

"Well you have done it again! Matt just came home from his trip to Cancun and I have never seen him so delighted. I thought that the time he had at the seashore this past summer might have been a fluke, after all can any organization dealing with all the problems that you must encounter be so consistently on the mark? Well you indeed have done it once more. Matt's descriptions of all of the activities and the quality of the accommodations and travel arrangements lead me to believe that I can always be assured that when I entrusted him to you, I made no mistake." - Jay & Judi Rodaman


"I just wanted to write you a few lines to let you know how wonderful you are. My five clients came back from their trip to Pennsylvania so happy and excited, they didn't want to come home. I think your agency is doing a terrific job." 
- J. Cunningham, Newark, NY.


 "After their experiences, they've returned with glowing accounts of their exploits, and raving about fantastic trips. But the biggest plus as I see it, is the maturity and emphasis on independence that I notice as an after effect of the trip. The trips have helped improve overall outlooks and/or general attitude, even opening some people up making them more flexible or more open to new experiences." 
 - Betsey Kirkpatrick, Program Manager


 "Rina had a wonderful time! She loved swimming in the ocean and in the pool and said she felt "really pretty" with her acquired suntan. Rina was thrilled with the souvenirs she purchased and very proud of herself for having money left over. She said that your staff taught her how to budget her money. Thank you for making Rina's vacation the most enjoyable one she's ever had. She's already planning her next trip to Hawaii." - Jennifer Billings